How much?
6 mln  PLN    

Maximum grant 


Maximum level of co-financing (R&D)

578 mln PLN  

Maximum contest


Submission final

Basic Information.


The FENG technological loan is a new edition of the subsidy form of support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, well known from the POIG 2007-2013 and POIR 2014-2020 programs. The product is intended for companies that implement innovative technologies and launch the production of new or significantly improved products or services based on them.

Co-financing, which will reach up to 70% of the eligible costs of the project, may be used, among others, for: for the purchase of machinery and equipment and the construction of buildings and structures. Provided that they are necessary to implement an innovative technology developed by the entrepreneur or purchased from an external entity. The intensity of investment support depends on the location of the project and the size of the enterprise - the Regional Aid Map for 2021-2027 is in force (source: BGK).


  • micro companies, 

  • small companies,

  • medium companies.

Subject of financing

The co-financing is intended for the implementation of a technological investment, which may consist in: the purchase of a new technology, its implementation and launching on its basis the production of new or significantly improved goods, processes or services or the implementation of own new technology and launching on its basis the production of new or significantly improved goods, processes or services. The implemented technology must be in the form of an industrial property right or the results of development works, or the results of application research, or non-patented technical knowledge.

Financing terms

It is the applicant's obligation to have a credit promise for the implementation of the investment. The co-financing partly repays the capital of the loan taken for its implementation.

Settlement rates

  • Expanding the sales offer of products, processes or services,

  • Increase in innovation and production quality and, consequently, increase in the company's competitiveness,

  • Increase of the company's potential through cooperation with scientific units.

Support levels

Bonus for SMEs:

+ 10 % for medium companies,

+ 20 % for micro and small companies.

Bonus +10% for areas in regions covered by support from the Just Transition Fund, i.e., voivodeships:

Lodz, Silesia, Lower Silesia, Lesser Poland and Lublin (the bonus will become effective after the EC announcement).

In the capital Warsaw region, the maximum intensity of regional aid calculated as the ratio of the value of regional aid, expressed in the gross subsidy equivalent, to the costs eligible for this aid, subject to §4 and §6, is:

  1. 25% for areas belonging to the communes of Baranów, Blonie, Góra Kalwaria, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jaktorów, Kampinos, Leoncin, Leszno, Nasielsk, Prażmów, Tarczyn, Zakroczym and Żabia Wola;

  2. 35% for areas belonging to the communes of Dabrówka, Dobre, Jadów, Kałuszyn, Kołbiel, Latowicz, Mrozy, Osieck, Serock, Siennica, Sobienie-Jeziory, Strachówka and Tłuszcz.

Base intensity from 01/01/2025 will be reduced by 5%.

Eligible costs

Purchase or leasing of land and developed real estate.

Purchase or leasing of fixed assets other than real estate.

Purchase of works and building materials. 

Acquisition of intangible assets.

Purchase of consulting services, purchase of external services related to support for innovation.