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At Innvenio, we specialize in helping companies raise private equity and venture capital. Through our consulting services, we can help your company obtain the necessary funds for business development. Our team of experts has extensive experience working with companies at various stages of development - from startups to large enterprises. We work with investors from all over the world, which allows us to offer our clients the best financial solutions.

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Our network of investor contacts includes private investors, venture capital and private equity funds. This gives us access to a broad spectrum of investment capital and allows us to match the best solutions to our clients' needs. Our market knowledge and experience allow us to suggest not only the right source of financing, but also to ensure that the entire capital raising process is carried out efficiently. No matter what your business goals are, you can count on our help and support every step of the way to success.

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Capital acquisition

Our company specializes in helping to raise private equity and venture capital, which allows our clients to obtain the necessary funds for further business development

Vast Network

Thanks to our contacts with investors from all over the world, we can help you find the best sources of financing, tailored to your needs

Knowledge and experience

Our experts have extensive experience working with companies at various stages of development, which allows us to offer the best financial solutions for your business


Thanks to our knowledge of the market and experience in working with companies, we can provide our clients with efficient and effective capital raising processes, which saves time and costs associated with the process


Venture Capital

VC financing is an ideal option for companies that need additional funding to develop their business. VC investors not only provide financing, but also share their knowledge and experience, helping companies achieve their business goals. In addition, VC financing allows companies to avoid taking on debt, which in turn reduces the risk associated with financial obligations. VC investors are also long-term business partners, which means they are interested in a company's success over the long term. 

Private Equity

Private equity financing is an excellent option for companies that need financing for specific projects or business goals. Private equity investors are usually experienced and highly qualified experts who specialize in specific industries or market sectors. Because private equity investors have experience working with companies, they are able to provide companies with valuable support in areas such as management, marketing, product development and more.



Business Angels

Funding from Business Angels is an excellent option for new companies or those that need financial support at the beginning of their business. Business Angels are investors who often have experience in business or are entrepreneurs themselves, so they can provide new companies with valuable tips and ideas on how to grow. Compared to other financing options, such as loans, financing from Business Angels is often more flexible, allowing companies to adapt to changing business conditions. 

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