Why us?

We are a team of specialists with several years of experience in obtaining EU funds and research and development projects. Our experience also includes investment projects implemented in Germany, China, Switzerland and Russia. However, we are not just professionals raising finance for others. Each of our team members implemented, settled or supervised projects implemented by companies that are beneficiaries of EU funds or investments. We know all the problems related not only to finding the necessary funds, but also to the real implementation of projects.

Before we started

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What we do?



We assess your project free of charge and without any preconditions, indicating possible ways to raise funds.


We help to find and select partners, including research and development companies, so that the application and project have the best chance of success.

Grant application

We will prepare an application for funding by participating in its creation. We do not limit ourselves only to the formal side, but we actively create its substantive part.


We help not only in the financial settlement, but also prepare all the necessary reports and letters.


We provide our clients with tools for project management and for automating project tasks.


We help to find funding for projects that failed in the past.

How we work?


We ask our clients for basic information about the project.


We will prepare a short report evaluating the project and chances for co-financing free of charge.


We discuss the project with the client and verify the action scenarios.


We sign an agreement on seeking financing.


We will find an investor

for your project


Our clients

Our team

Małgorzata Adamska


Monika Kowalkowski

Board Member

Amalia Pratiwi-Kowalkowski

Board Member

Karol Kozak

Scientific Consultant

Grzegorz Domek

Scientific Consultant

Michał Kowalkowski

Business Consultant

Eric Maire

Business Consultant

Norbert Kowalkowski

Business Consultant